• Click on My Computer icon
  • Click on Control Panel icon
  • Dial up networking
  • Right click on old service icon
  • Delete

The location of the dial up networking may vary but the icon for the old service is always in that folder.

  • Open your Outlook Express e-mail program
  • Click on tools
  • Accounts
  • Click on the Mail Tab
  • Click once on the old account
  • Click remove and OK

Once you have removed the entire old dial up and e-mail accounts you can follow the instructions to install the new services!!


The Easiest and Simplest way to make a new connection on a win98 computer is by using the Internet Connection Wizard. The screen shots below are a step-by-step process to setup your computer to connect to the Internet.

Welcome to the Internet Connection Wizard

To Start the Internet Connection Wizard (ICW), Click on Start and scroll up to Programs. Scroll up to Accessories, then over to Communications and click on Internet Connection Wizard. It may also be located under Accessories, Internet Tools. You can also use Find to locate the Internet Connection Wizard.

On this screen, select I want to setup my connection manually. Click on Next.

Setup your Internet Connection

On this screen select Connect using my phone line. If you have an external cable modem or connecting via a (LAN), choose Connect using my local area network. Click on Next.

Dial-Up Connection

On this screen select Create a new dial-up connection. Click on Next.

Internet account connection information

This is where you place the phone number to connect to your new account.
Only if you have call waiting; please place the following before the phone number in the same box {*70, }, make sure there is a space between this and the phone number

  • GWI customers: Call GWI for local number or visit their web site.
  • MFX customers: Madawaska, Frenchville, St. David; 728-3549
    All other towns please call 728-7877 and we will give you your local number
  • Mid-Maine Internet: State Wide, 1-500-699-6436
Click on Next.

Internet account log on information

This is where you type your user name and password. Remember, your user name will always be lowercase. Passwords are case sensitive (include any capitalizations you may have included when you set up your account).
Click on Next.

Configuring your computer

This is where you type the name of the dialup connection. You will type GWI, MFX, or Mid-Maine depending on your service. Click on Next.

Setup your internet mail account

Select Yes to setup your email account. If you don't want to setup email, select No. Click on Next.

Internet Mail Account

On this page, select Create a new internet mail account. Click on Next.

Your name

Type your name as you would like it to appear when you send email. You can type your name anyway you want. You can use uppercase and lowercase letters. Click on Next.

Internet email address

Type your email address here.

  • GWI:
  • MFX:
  • Mid-Maine:
It should look like one of the above, where user name is your personal account user name (logging ID). Your email address should be all lowercase. Click on Next.

E-mail server names

Each internet provider has a different set of server names, choose your provider out of the list below and use those server names.

  • GWI:
    • Incoming Mail Server;
    • Outgoing Mail Server;
  • MFX:
    • Incoming Mail Server;
    • Outgoing Mail Server;
  • Mid-Maine:
    • Incoming Mail Server;
    • Outgoing Mail Server;
Click on Next.

Internet Mail Log in

Type your user name in all lowercase letters (Do Not Put Your E-mail Address here). Next, type your password and make sure to type it exactly the way you set it up with your provider. Include capitalizations if any. Remember, your user name and password for email are the same as your internet user name and password. Click on Next.

Complete Configuration

You have entered all the information needed to connect to the internet and email. Click on Finish.