Windows XP Internet Setup

To set up an internet connection on a computer using Windows XP, follow these simple steps. Begin by clicking on the START menu, click on ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, COMMUNICATIONS, and NEW CONNECTION WIZARD. This will open up a wizard that will walk you through your set up step-by-step.

Once the wizard has opened to the first page click NEXT

In the Network Connection Type window ensure that there is a green dot in the circle next to "Connect to the Internet".
Click NEXT

The next window will be getting ready! There should be a green dot in the circle next to "set up my connection manually".
Click NEXT

The internet connection window should have a green dot in the circle next to "connect using a dial-up modem".
Click NEXT

Connection Name window; You will type GWI, MFX, or Mid-Maine depending on your service.
Click on Next.

This is where you place the phone number to connect to your new account.
Only if you have call waiting; please place the following before the phone number in the same box {*70, }, make sure there is a space between this and the phone number

Click on NEXT.

This is where you type your user name and password. Remember, your user name will always be lowercase. Passwords are case sensitive (include any capitalizations you may have included when you set up your account). Then make sure there is a green check mark in all three of the boxes at the bottom of the window.
Click on NEXT.

This is the last page of the internet set-up. Make sure there is a green check mark in the box to create a shortcut on your desktop.
Then Click FINISH

Now that your Internet connection is set up you can connect to the internet. If you choose not to set up an E-mail account you can ignore the remainder of these instructions. If you do choose to set-up an E-mail please continue: Open up you OUTLOOK EXPRESS, Click on TOOLS on the menu bar then ACCOUNTS. This will open up Internet Accounts window.

Once the Internet Accounts window is open ensure that the MAIL tab is selected. Click on ADD and then MAIL, this will open up another wizard.

The first window is the YOUR NAME window. Type your name as you would like it to appear when you send E-mail. You can type your name anyway you want. You can use uppercase and lowercase letters.
Click on NEXT.

Type your email address here.

It should look like one of the above, where username is your personal account username (logging ID). Your email address should be all lowercase.
Click on Next.

E-mail server names

Each internet provider has a different set of server names, choose your provider out of the list below and use those server names.

Click on NEXT.

Internet Mail Login

Type your username in all lowercase letters (Do Not Put Your E-mail Address here). Next, type your password and make sure to type it exactly the way you set it up with your provider. Include capitalizations if any. Remember, your username and password for email are the same as your internet username and password. Click on NEXT.

You have entered all the information needed to connect to the internet and email.
Click on FINISH.

Once you have closed the wizard you should see your new Internet Connection in the window. Close out of the windows and you are ready to begin!